Evolutionary Extravaganza by Mimi Berlin

Mimi Berlin’s member a-MB-iance created the Evolutionary Extravaganza especially for Salon/Big Bang, it’s an installation reminiscent of an ancient and worn down mini laboratory cum museum, in which statuettes of imaginary animals and other life forms are on show.

Mimi Berlin’s Evolutionary Extravaganza offers a comprehensive explanation for a broad range of observed phenomena in animal species, such as for instance the Canis Collum Longus (Doggie Longneck), born from the imagination of a-MB-iance and created with the fascination for life in centuries gone by in mind.

Evolutionary Extravaganza shows statuettes from the History of Circus Legends series made in 2013, the Longneck series (2014) and light objects Ich Will Ein Fisch Im Wasser Sein (2014) by Gem Kingdom & Mimi Berlin. All the statuettes are unique, signed pieces and are made with vintage-de-luxe found objects.

The installation will be on show during SALON/Big Bang at the Oude Kerk, (Oudekerksplein 23, Amsterdam) from July 29 > August 28 2014.

Also on exhibit at this venue is work by rENs, Jef Montes, Chris Kabel, Martin Butler & Floris Didden, Germaine Kruip, Desiree Hammen, Liselore Frowijn, Siba Sahabi, Conny Groenewegen, Klaas Kuiken & Peter van der West and Joris Landman See some PARTYSNAPS of the Opening on June 26 2014 HERESince May 2010, SALON/ has provided a unique platform for fashion, design, visual arts and related disciplines. ‘SALON/’: where both upcoming talent and established designers an artists create unique installations on special locations throughout a city, nationally and internationally. SALON/ takes fashion off the catwalk, design out of the galleries and art out of the museums, giving designers and artists the opportunity to show their work in a different capacity and to disclose it to a diverse audience. By presenting the work at various extraordinary location and creating an inspiring route through the city; SALON/ initiates a new awareness of the impact of the ‘creative community’.

The title of the annual theme this summer will be “Big Bang”. SALON/BIG BANG can relate to ideas formed by man and nature: the Big Bang, faith, conviction, superstition, disbelief, insanity, spirituality, rituals and devotion. SALON/ serves as a ‘meaningful platform’ of the city of Amsterdam: where ideas are challenged and fought for, where rituals are performed, where the work shown will create new stories between maker and spectator, object and space. SALON/ aims to establish a dynamic cooperation of participants and audience, as well as (creating) an experience which will leave a lasting impression. Like in every SALON/ edition, different creative disciplines will come together in an inspirational route and will provide content-related insight into their work.


Let's make some conversation! xoxo Mimi Berlin

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