Exhibition Salon 2022|2023 30+ artists Opening at What Art Can Do

Exhibition Salon 2022|2023 30+ artists Opening at What art Can Do Gallery in Amsterdam

Together with 30+ artists we, at Mimi Berlin, have work (2 statuettes from the Powderbox Girls series) on show at The Salon 22/23 in gallery/project space What Art Can Do in Amsterdam. We went to the opening and took some pictures for yous who couldn’t be there. Your Welcome! As you can see in the photo’s; the place was so packed and humid that we ended up with not one good picture of the actual work. But, and as we, at Mimi Belin, always state.
If you want to see the art on show it’s best to visit and see it for yourself. We suggest that you do so because, in our opinion this exhibition is special; it shows the most diversity we’ve ever seen in a small space and that is super-fun! Thanks to Simone Swildens who invited us to join. xoxo Mimi Berlin

The Salon 22/23 runs to January 28, the gallery is open on thursday, friday and saturday from 13:00-18:00. The address is: Tweede Tuindwarsstraat 4 1015 RZ Amsterdam

In the nineteenth century, the Paris Salon was still a plinth-to-ceiling exhibition of the Académie des beaux-arts and had a turbulent history of bribes, corruption and conservative art ideas. The Salon had a monopoly position in the world of art at the time but lost it when the alternative ‘Salon des lndépendants’ became an example for organizations of artists who turned against the academic art business. The privatization of the art market was a fact.

History will not repeat itself and (hopefully) does not take bribes, but the representation of plinth and ceiling was still very attractive. An idea that formed the basis for a vibrant and diverse show with photos, collages, work on paper, paintings and sculpture. For an exhibition with a wide variety of topics and themes. And, not unimportantly, at an affordable price.

Around thirty artists from the neighborhood and various friends and acquaintances of Kunst Kan… show work in this wonderful event that will be the start of a new year.


Let's make some conversation! xoxo Mimi Berlin

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