Exhibition: Twan Janssen at PS Projectspace in Amsterdam

Exhibition: Twan Janssen at PS Projectspace in Amsterdam

On Saturday January 28, 2017, Mimi Berlin Blogger Team went to the opening of the exhibition OK Google. (Cloudless Skies, Nicotine Sunsets, Gradient Searches, Tax Evasion Schemes, Acupuntured Motivational Quotes, Rothko Realness, Etc.) of Twan Janssen at PS projectspace in Amsterdam.

Twan Janssen is an Amsterdam based artist, represented by Torch Gallery in Amsterdam and by Galleri Flach in Stockholm.

The exhibition is held from 28 January – 25 February 2017 at PS projectspace in Amsterdam. We suggest you go and visit, it’s really worth your while!

PS is open to the public on Friday and Saturday 13.00 – 17.00 hrs and by appointment. Twan Janssen is on Instagram: @twan_janssen_studio

This is the first time in 6 years Twan Janssen shows his work again. Why? you ask of us; well, Janssen was co-owner and -founder of the knitwear label ‘youasme measyou‘ and has been for the past six years. After ‘youasme measyou‘ received the the Prince Bernhard Culturefund Fashionstipendium  (see about that HERE on youtube) the label decided to stop; Twan Janssen has taken the time to proceed his work as an independent artist again.

(About) PS aims to provide a platform for the work of upcoming international artists in an environment that exists between the conventions of an artist-run space and a commercial gallery. PS stands for Post Scriptum, Project Space, Public Space or Private Space and wants to add another formula to the already existing ways of presenting art.



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