Eye-Seats by Vivolli

Eye-Seats by Vivolli

The other day we stumbled upon a lovely pouffe, a design from the new furniture brand Vivolli (since 2015); It has the in the shape of an eyeball. It can be lifted up at the “eyelid”; you can put your hand under that part.This little gem comes in 3 vibrant color-variations and is made in a velvet like fabric (in two sizes 40cm and 60cm in diameter.) We think we need the larger size, it seems more functional, sitting wise. (is that an understandable word combination? if not: sorry our native language isn’t English. But you knew that already ofcourse….)eye_seat_vivolli(photo taken at the x-bank in Amsterdam)

Vivolli has 4 chairs only for sale. The eyeball is the one design we really like, probably because of it’s surreal vibe. The three other designs are very different from this little seater, and a bit too eighties and unfriendly in design for us. The pouffe is available online at Vivolli webshop, the smaller size in store at the X-Bank in Amsterdam.

“Our Story: Celine Chermin is a Dutch artist with talents in many areas including painting and sculpture. She studied at the School for Fine Arts and Design in Breda before embarking on a varied  career in different fields. Recently she discovered upholstery and graduated in 2015 at HMC Vocational College for Woodworking, Furniture and Interior Design in Amsterdam. She started Vivolli to apply her creative talents to making fantastic bespoke creations.”(copy/pasted from vivolli.com)


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