Fall 2015 Pret-a-Porter; Kanye West x Adidas Originals

Fall 2015 Pret-a-Porter; Kanye West x Adidas Originals

Adidas Originals teamed up with music producer/artist Kanye West. The (gossip/tabloid) world seems to trip over anything Mr West does (Remember the plain white “hiphop t-shirt” débacle on his collaboration collection with APC? And they still write about his outburst towards Taylor Swift at the Grammy Awards in 2009.) There will be a lot of fuzz again over the Kanye West x Adidas Originals collaboration for sure. We, at Mimi Berlin, feel there’s nothing wrong with the clothes he designed and we liked the presentation, which is probably more the work of Vanessa Beecroft, who designed the show, but Kanye West chose to work with her…. Anyways; Showing at the the New York Fashion week, amongst the likes of Coach, Polo Ralph Lauren and what have you not, we thought this presentation was a nice surprise. There was an “army” of models to be seen, boys and girls, who wore dark colored street-wear, based on militairy garments and safety gear, sometimes torn. Most special were the girls; they were styled with catsuits in colors to match their skin tone. (If this was the non-commissioned work of Vanessa Beecroft herself the women would probably have been naked) The Girl models reminded us of the Barbie Doll named Havoc, secret agent; a toy launched In the seventies of the previous century, styled by Mary Quant. Havoc was tucked away in a corner of our minds, so thanks to KWxAO for bringing her back. We won’t elaborate on the boy models; they wore complete outfits; we don’t have memories on G.I. Joe. (runway images via style.com / styleblazer)

Ok, let us fuzz  a bit over Kanye West; It really is a pity that Mr West let his wife (Kim Kardashian) wear a complete runway outfit (ánd in the wrong skintone)  This image makes us wonder if he understands what Ms Beecroft has accomplished with his designs for Adidas Originals on the catwalk…..Or do you think Mr West came up with the catsuit idea himself?

Tomorrow we’ll post on the work of Vanessa Beecroft.

(images via  modabot / okayplayer / 25thcenturyyy / see more outfits for Havoc, secret agent HERE)

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