Fashion ♥ Art: Part II / Powerful women

One part of the exhibition Fashion ♥ Art, is a series of portraits of powerful Dutch women in the 21st century. These photographs are presented at the start of the show, used as “wallpaper” for the entrance room. Together with the strong graphics by Roosje Klap, this has a truly overwhelming effect. The photos are taken by Alique and are featured in the catalog as well.
Marte Röling, artist and Elle Verhagen, artist

Mrs Heyboer, artist and Liesbeth List, chanteuse.

Esther Meijer, designer

Ingeborg Ravensteijn, antiquair

Jojanneke van der Veer, DJ

Caroline Fuchs, fashion stylist

Saskia de Brauw, topmodel and artist.

Fashion loves art part III

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