Fashion in the artist’s studio

How amazing are these photo’s?! They are taken by Mark Shaw in the fifties. Just like we like it; nothing much left to the imagination, art and fashion put in it’s correct time frame. Legendary! Dear editors, stylist, art director’s and what have you….That’s the pitch for this week! Your Welcome and have a nice day!
Fernand Leger in Studio-Paris, 1954-Photograph by Mark Shaw ( via Andrew Wilder Gallery)

Model and artist Joan Miro in his studio, 1955.
Marc Chagall in Studio, 1955 #2-Editioned Photo by Mark Shaw ( via Andrew Wilder Gallery) (for pictures above thahanks habituallychicl)Pablo Picasso and top French model Betinna Graziani. Photo by Mark Shaw ( via lepetitcoquin)
Verushka being painted by Genaro de Carvalho in 1967. Photo by Franco Rubartelli

Not from a fashion shoot but equally interesting. Henri Matisse, at work in Venice, 1946.( © Hélène Adant RAPHO via artistandstudio)

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