Fashion Scam: FRANK at the Aifw July 2011

“Zeeman, A famous Dutch low budget textile retailer proves its vision: Fashion does not have to be expensive with a huge stunt at the Amsterdam Fashion Week. ” So they say themselves. I haven’t seen the show but through the grapevine I heard the clothes were not that good looking. Never mind, they’ve got their advertising. (You’re welcome Zeeman!) The clip above has 100,000 hits on YouTube, and maybe it will have more effect even later on. But how could this happen? Do we really have to believe that only 7 people knew about this scam? Nobody at the Amsterdam Fashion Week new about this? (oops) I’m not going to name the marketing bureau behind this scam, but I think it’s a very strange idea. Maybe Aifw should sue Zeeman, that is, if they’re not into this scam themselves…….to be continued? (Regards from yours truly, Mimi Drew)

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