Fashionfix S2012 RTW Womenswear: available online

This season “Alessandra Facchinetti, who briefly headed up Gucci and Valentino, is launching Uniqueness in collaboration with the Italian company Pinko with the aim of offering clothes with the immediacy of a label like Zara. It will do so mostly online, at its own e-commerce site and on, as well as in some multi-brand stores. ” By Nicole Phelps read more on
Uniqueness, battling ZARA and other copy-cats!
That will teach them right, but were does this lead? Will the seasonal collection be faded completely in a few years? We are already halfway there, god didn’t invent 6 seasons per year now did he!? Will there be events such as fashion week, or will they change completely? Interesting! I’m sure there’s somebody out there who has the answers to this questions all planned out…But we, us plain folk, will have to wait and see.

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