Fashionfix S2012 RTW Womenswear: Return of the Nurse

Remember the Nurses Marc Jacobs created for Louis Vuitton/S08?
Well, they’re back !
On the catwalk, at Jil Sander, including a wedding nurse!
Actually, they are Spa personnel/clients, so I’ve read. But I’m going to stick with nurses, because Mr Simons also created a Plastic surgeon.(Obviously he isn’t a male chauvinist)
In search of a proper surgeon’s uniform to state my case, I found that nurses can also be dressed in pastel.(buy)
Which guides us trough to Marni:
These nurses worked all day! They’re walking home in support stockings.
Marni. Please note the similarity in waist detailing between Marni and Sanders’ green outfit. Sophisticated, symmetrical focus on the waist is ‘hot’ this season.
Of course these shows can be placed in a time frame. But I guess that’s less important. Why you ask of me? Which show isn’t these days, I answer you.

Historical uniforms via scrubsmag, the nurses guide to good living. Rightside: “Ann Kenyon: Surgeon” by Adeline McElfresh, 1960.(via)

Jil Sander and Marni were always my favorite collections. This season, as you may have noticed, I am a not so keen on their clothes. Maybe it’s because the lack of colour at Jil Sander and no pretty, ingenious prints at Marni? Hmm, have to get back to you about that. I’m wondering if we get to see more nurses in Paris. We’ve already seen lots of white, but no true nurses as such. Probably to be continued….
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