Framed Brooches Mimi Berlin Bijoux 2022

Framed Brooches Mimi Berlin Bijoux 2022 frame or wear the brooch it’s your your choice!

The Framed Brooches by Mimi Berlin Bijoux are artworks made with carefully selected and matched pages of vintage Vogue magazines and vintage (costume) jewelry.

Frame or wear these brooches: it’s your choice!

In order to keep the past of fashion in general alive, to preserve it and comment on it we, Mimi Berlin and Friperie Jansen, decided to partner up. Friperie Jansen is a seller of second hand fashion and the owner of an extensive collection of vintage (costume) jewelry, amongst many other collections.

We created little time capsules, or 3D collages, by combining our vintage treasures (jewelry and photo’s) in a storytelling way. The photo’s are laminated with a coating in 250micron with matte finish. Almost invisible, small punched holes keep the brooches in place.

Tip from Mimi Berlin: send one to a friend, they will love this thoughtful gift!


Mimi Berlin Bijoux time capsules are neatly packed in a giftbox. They are send from Amsterdam to everywhere in The Netherlands for only €4,10 with Track & Trace by PostNL
(For countries outside The Netherlands please leave a reply below to get more information about shipping details.)

How to order

You like it and you want to order it? Please leave a message below in the reply section or contact us via a DM on instagram @mimiberlin_amsterdam

Sold Framed Brooches 2022 / Archive

Linea Italia Winter 1980

In December 2021 we only made use of 1 vintage glossy magazine for the first series of the Framed Brooches. The pages of this fashion magazine, Linea Italia/winter 1980, are transformed into artworks by combining them with vintage brooches. Mimi Berlin’s artworks turned out to be a huge succes at pop-up stores as well as online, most of them are sold.

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