Dutch Award Show: Frans Molenaar Prize 2015

Dutch Award Show: Frans Molenaar Prize 2015

Yesterday we went to see the Award show brought to life by Dutch couturier Frans Molenaar. It was the 20th edition and it was the first time without the couturier himself being present. Mr Molenaar sadly and unexpectactly passed away in the Winter of last year, but he made sure his award-show can continue for years to come. Host and member of the jury Jhim Lamoree asked the audience to stand up and remember Frans Molenaar before the show.

The show was held at the house/studio of Mr Molenaar in Amsterdam, it was opened by Karin Vlug‘s collection, made with the prize money she won last year. Her collection has a tight, thoroughly researched (with José Theunisen) concept. This strict concept remains visible in the garments, but at the same time the concept doesn’t overrule the wearability of Karin’s couture capsule collection. Karin’s work becomes more wearable every year. (read about that concept HERE)

Participants Frans Molenaar Prize 2015; Tung Trinh, Josephine Goverts, Max Zara Sterck, Maartje Janse, Lilian Admiraal (all BA graduates’15 <click link for more info on these designers) and Sunanda Koning (MA ’15) All graduated this year at ArtEZ fashion design, Arnhem. Simeon Morris finished his fashion masters at ArtEZ in 2013. Simeon is the most experienced designer of the group his “experience includes working for a number of renowned designers, including Alexander McQueen in the late 90’s and Hussein Chalayan, amongst others.” (quoted)

After the longest deliberation ever in “Frans-Molenaar-Prize-History” the jury named Josephine Goverts the winner of the Frans Molenaar Prize 2015. She got a well deserved big fat check (see picturesabove) of €10.000. Next year, same time, at an other place, we will get to see what she accomplished with her reward!

Jury Frans Molenaar Prize; Jhim Lamoree, art historian, Ruud van der Peijl, style- and image-maker, Lous Geerlings, stylist and photographer, Milou van Rossum, fashion journalist, Fiona Hering, fashion editor/director, José Theunisen, fashion lector and – curator, new this year to the panel; Ronald van der Kemp, fashion designer.
This team selected the participants from the submitted design books, which present the collection the designers want to enter the competition with.

This year all the chosen designers are educated at Artez Arnhem (BA and MA). That seems odd, and it is! We were told that the majority of the applications to participate come from ArtEZ Arnhem. Designers with a fashion education elsewhere in the Netherlands just don’t seem to apply as much. We cannot understand that you don’t want to enter a competition and win $$ to spend on your career!? The Frans Molenaar Prize show is very well attended by the Dutch press and by people working in the fashion industry, so it’s also a good chance to get noticed…….. Anyway, every year students and graduated fashion designers can submit their designs, on paper, before the end of March.

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