Friendly Hello NEW MimiMerchandise GET YOURs NOW

NEW MimiMerchandise from the Friendly MimiMalist Conference Series by Mimi Berlin

Easy and Stylish

Introducing yourself has never been this easy and stylish. Get a conversation started with Mimi Berlin’s Friendly-Hello-Hoodie. If you don’t feel like meeting and greeting you can wear the Friendly-Hello-Hoodie at home to get comfortable and/or cuddle-up.

The Friendly-Hello-Hoodie is super-extra-mega-large: it will fit all sizes easily!
Mimi Berlin’s Friendly-Hello-Hoodie comes in white with a small, bespoke black print on the chest.

You can order your Friendly-Hello-Hoodie for only €65,- a piece (please contact us for discount bulk orders)

Cuddle up or Introduce yourself with Mimi Berlin’s Friendly Hello extra-mega-large hoodies.

UNISEX/FITS ALL SIZES (made of 50% cotton und 50% polyester.)

Let's make some conversation! xoxo Mimi Berlin

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