Fuorisalone 2015; Exploring Weltevree

Fuorisalone 2015; Exploring Weltevree

The Weltevree concept was about “Explore your surroundings“. Weltevree invited “passionate craftspeople from various disciplines” such as Raw Color,  Erik Stehmann, Scheublin & Lindeman, Thorter  Kulve, Dick  van Hoff, Studio  Siem/Pabon, Floris Schoonderbeek, Workmates and Walter van Beirendonck, to show that “design is multidisciplinary and seemingly sans boundaries.”
Okay, we, at Mimi Berlin, explored the presentation at the Via Voghera in the Tortona area:

At the courtyard we were welcomed by the Groundfridge, designed by Floris Schoonderbeek, this fridge is a new take on the traditional root cellar, in which you keep your food cold.

Inside we noticed that the majority of the products were more about heat:
Walter van Beirendonck‘s Body  Wrap, in fleece fabric, “combines the shelter of a tent, the warmth of a blanket and the convenience of a vest”. The Cosy Carpet, designed by Studio Siem/Pabon, “incorporates an existing heating installation”. The Beach Chair and Beach Rocker, designed by Erik Stehmann, are obviously meant for some lounging in the sun. The Outdoorovens, designed by Vanhoffontwerpen, are designed to make ‘n bake food. Lunch and nibbles were prepared by the DynamicFood pop-up restaurant using the Weltevree Cookstove, also by Vanhoffontwerpen.

We guess both sensations of Hot and Cold were covered by the Workmates collective, their “Good News paper” was launched at the Weltevree Party. Starting from their headquarters at Weltevree, the Workmates roamed the streets of Milan, dressed in custom made suits designed by Sjaak Hullekes, handing out the paper (in which they introduce their work) feeling hot in the 26 degrees of Italian sunshine and shivering the one day the rain came pouring down….

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