Glamorous Taxidermy

Glamorous Taxidermy

Black panther’s, ice bears and tiger’s.
Starlets posing with dead animals in he 20th century.
Veronica Lake © Underwood & Underwood/CORBIS (via)

Veronica Lake
Crappy taxidermy

Jean Harlow via filmnoirphotos
Lizabeth Scott in Desert Fury (moviestill 1947 )via filmnoirphotos
Joan Collins via filmnoirphotos

Lupe Velez (via)


Carroll Baker (1965) via filmnoirphotos
Suzy Parker (via GettyImages)
Claudia Cardinale The Pink Panther (moviestill 1963) via filmnoirphotos

A man, Burt Reynolds, also lying on an accidental brown bear,. (via)


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