Green Plastic Dolls and Faces. Assemblies by Mimi Berlin

Green Plastic

These dolls and faces are a small sidestep from Mimi Berlin’s ‘Important Bagatelles’ or ‘Toys for Girls’ project. A sidestep in the sense of that these aren’t abstract objects. Also they are visibly assembled and each product we used is still identifiable.

Robot Doll

The light green one is named the Robot Doll it is a trekpop or ‘pull doll’ (not sure what the word is in English: but if you pull the ball the arms will go up). The Robot Doll is made with an assortment of vintage Tupperware mugs and several other household and baby products, which were discarded by someone at one point.

Music Doll

The dark green doll doubles as a music box, just pull the orange cord an you’ll hear Für Elise play. This one isn’t named yet, but the worktitle is ‘Manneken Pis” (like the small statue in Brussels)


Again this face is made with discarded, vintage plastics, mounted on glass. It’s named the Swedish Face. Same as the other dolls the mouth is just round and open.

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