gsus sindustries show at AFW

At gsus sindustries we got to see the first collection supervised by Hyun Yeu, now lead designer at gsus sindustries. They told 3 stories at Gsus for W2013; military, folklore and the dandy, the allover inspiration was Russian Dandy-ism.

Styling was meticulously done by Sonny Groo, nothing was left up to chance, gsus sindustries is a mature brand and showed a well balanced collection. We always love the quirky touches at Gsus (prints and dessins) but the more serious garments like the jackets, jeans and parka’s made in tweed, denim, wool etc. looked very good and truly ready to wear.

The cropped men’s blazers caught our fancy, but the neopreen women’s sweater was our favorite: Auch Haben!

It’s nice to see some of the best that Holland has to offer in the industry at Amsterdam Fashion Week. Today, at the gsus sindustries and Sjaak Hullekes shows we actually got to spot a trend, that’s a rare sight at AFW.  Dutch designers mostly do their own thing on the runway, in total neglect of trends, hard to understand, but true.

For more frontrow and people at the gsus sindustries show click HERE

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