Hair! Human Hair in Fashion and Art

Hair! Human Hair in Fashion and Art

That’s the title of the exhibition at the Centraal Museum in Utrecht. Next to all kinds of art, photography, fashion and design made with hair, there is also an editorial wall to be seen: 80% of the used photo’s on this wall came from Mimi Berlin’s collection of Vintage MimiMagazines! Glad we could help out with our donation of collectable i-d, face, interview etc. magazines! Mimi Berlin has got much much more interesting vintage magazines left which we gladly share with you…More MimiMagazines HERE

Above; Niek Pulles (designer of the exhibition together with Harm Rensink) collected Mimi Berlin’s Magazines from the attic. (images from instagram credited)

The exhibition will run untill May 29, 2016.“The Centraal Museum is breaking new ground by staging a major exhibition (1,000 m2) about this unique material. HAIR! is about the art and the knowledge, the historical and the topical, providing novel insights about this topic. However, the main focus is on hair as a statement. The exhibition is a quest and adventure that explores the employment of this unique material and will involve the visitor being invited to make an active contribution to the exhibition. ” (read more

Let's make some conversation! xoxo Mimi Berlin

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