Hamid el Kanbouhi

Mimi Blogger Team visited the RijksakademieOpen, 11/27/11, in Amsterdam. Our last studio visit, “Casting” an installation by Hamid el Kanbouhi, turned out to be the one we wouldn’t wanna have missed. Kanbouhi really made an effort to suck us into his world, we were participants. There were drinks, performers, paintings and judges. The judges wrote “casting jury reports” on us, which we got to read. 
(Photo above via Trendbeheer)
“During these open days, over 50 resident artists from all over the World open their studios. The diversity of their backgrounds and the broad range of artist’s positions offer a unique view on the latest developments in contemporary art.” so it says at the Rijksakademie’s site

Let's make some conversation! xoxo Mimi Berlin

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