Hearst and Davies’ beachhouse

“The fabled gold coast
“Called “Ocean House” or simply “The Beach House,” this 34 bedroom Georgian mansion on the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica, California was the pinnacle of architectural opulence during Hollywood’s golden era.”
“Bankrolled by media mogul William Randolph Hearst (owner of another modest little piece of real estate up the road in San Simeon) for his long-time paramour and mistress, Ziegfeld Follies’ dancer and screen star Marion Davies, the Beach House was intended as a little getaway spot where Marion would escape to when the pressures of Hollywood, or her relationship with “Pop” became too great.”
“The Beach House served its creators well, forming the backdrop against which the openly unmarried pair threw lavish theme parties solidifying their reputation as the power couple of Hollywood.”
“William Haines and George Arthur shown here lounging with Marion at one of the two pools adorned with ladders, staircase, and bridges inlaid with imported marble frequently stopped by for a bit of opulent rest and relaxation.”  Thahanks the errant aesthete

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