Hiroaki Ohya’s Alphabet T-Shirts

Designed in 1999, under the label name Ohya Design Zoo Co Ltd.
About Hiroaka Ohya: Hiroaka Ohya (1970) was born in Kumamoto, Japan. In 1992, he graduated from Bunka Fashion College, after which he joined the Miyake Design Studio. OHYA started his brand, under the name Ohya Design Zoo Co Ltd in 1996, and in the same year participated in the Paris Collection. His earliest and most famous outlandish project was the Astroboy by Ohya collection, launched in 1999, based on the Astroboy anime and done in collaboration with show’s production company, Tezuka Productions. Another conceptual project produced in 1999 showed OHYA’s interest in creating artistic projects more so than functional clothing that people can purchase. His Ohya The Wizard of Jeanz collection was a series of 21 books that would transform into clothing when they were unfolded. The title of the series is inspired by L.FRANK BAUM’s The Wizard of Oz, and only 20 editions of the collection were produced, with a selling price of $5000 each. With this project, he won international acclaim, as well as criticism, and was displayed in museums and galleries all over the world. (via/read more we-find-wildness.com/ 3dtypographybook.com)

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