Holthaus Generations

Holthaus Generations

holthaus_generationsPortrait of Joey Holthaus by Mimi Berlin, 2015. (Paraphrasing ‘Brides’ 1968 by Dutch photographer Paul Huf & Dutch couturier Dick Holthaus) Joey Holthaus is wearing a vintage Dick Holthaus dress in 100% wool.

During the concept phase of  Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest #4, we came up with many, many ideas. Our initinal concept was to paraphrase the “Brides” image dressed in Dick Holthaus couture and photographed by Paul Huf in 1968.  Somehow this idea got lost during the making of Fashion-Fest #4 in the studio, our group-portait turned out to be different. The portrait of Joey Holthaus above turned out to be like the original concept, it’s a wonderful by-product of Mimi Berlin’s Fashion Fest #4: two flies in one hit, as they say in Dutch.

(Dick Holthaus dress from the 1960s is available from kabinet-vintage)

Let's make some conversation! xoxo Mimi Berlin

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