How to Spot a Fashion Trend: 1980s BeautyAdvertisements

1980s Fashion Trend

Goodmorning Y’all. We, at Mimi Berlin, are explaining how to spot a fashion-trend today. To make it easy and basic we want to start out with a trend from the past. We do this because it can be verified; obviously this trend is an existing one from the 1980s: Red Lipstick. So we can indeed verify and prove that red lipstick trend in this post.

Not just red lipstick

Let us start with the two advertisements above, they are beauty-ads from the 1980s for lipstick. First thing noticeable is the contrasting colorscheme; black, white and red. The red lipstick’s are framed by a heavily powdered, white, face and black hair, including black clothes and lay-out. So far you could say this is a just coincidence but, believe us; this is very eighties, read on; we will continue analyzing.

Next thing you want to do is answer the following questions.
Where do the images come from?
Who are the images from?

Well, both ad’s are from Vogue, an established and widely publicized magazine.
That tells us that loads of people all over the world saw these advertisements in the eighties.
Just as today, Chanel was a big player in the beauty industry, let’s agree that it’s still a high-end-kind-of mainstream brand. Mainstream in the sense of being accepted by a huge, worldwide audience of followers and customers.
That tells us again that red lipstick was most certainly sold to really lot’s of people, it was the thing to put on your mouth in those days.

Not just anybody

For putting the icing on the trend-spotting-cake we need to address the ad from Paloma Picasso (yes, she is the daughter of Pablo the artist). Paloma was a socialite and a businesswoman in her own right. She had her own perfume, accessorie-line and her own, red lipstick, which was her so-called trademark as well. Being a socialite meant that she was friends with, for example, Helmut Newton and other well-known creative people, she was what we call nowadays an it-girl we suppose.
– And you know very well by now what that tells us: think about the influence the Hadid and Kardashian sisters have on fashion-trends nowadays.


Well we, at Mimi Berlin, think that these are the basics for spotting trends; you simply have to ask the right questions and look around you to see if you can find a fashion trend in stores or on the streets. Where you go will determine the ‘height’ of a trend. For example, at H&M etc. you’ll find the larger, mainstream trends. In a tucked away vintage-shop you probably can find more fashion forward trends. If y’all are interested we will dig deeper into the trend-spotting-trend later on.

(imagecredits: As you may know, we, at Mimi Berlin, own a lot of vintage fashion magazines, mostly Vogue’s. You can see our collection at MimiMagazines. Some of them aren’t in mint condition and thus are an incentive for us to tear images we like out of the magazine.)

Stuck in the 1980s

The fabulous Mrs Gitte Lee, the Dutch painter Ans Markus and English pop-icon Robert Smith of The Cure are all somewhat stuck in the 1980s. They still dress in black and they all wear the same shade of lipstick used in the eighties. They all look wonderful to us!

(imagecredits: Gitte Lee by Mimi Berlin, Ans Markus, Robert Smith via rollingstone)

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