Huge Street-Art-Faces at Prada

Huge Faces, women’s faces to be exact. They covered the walls at the Prada Runway show for Spring/Summer 2014. These faces also covered some off the dresses and bags (duh). What a lovely idea, we at Mimi Berlin do like our comic books! The murals were made by street artists: El Mac from the United States, Mesa from Spain, Gabriel Spencer from Canada, Stinkfish from Colombia, Jeanne Detallante from France , and Pierre Mornet from France. We also found some images of actual street-art-faces made on buildings by RONE. Comparing the faces made in and outside shows us that there is no real difference in effect.

That was the whole point at Prada. The story behind the fashion show is one of street gangs and powerful women. “Because she works in fashion, it’s easy to forget how political a creature Miuccia Prada has always been. Famously secretary of Milan’s Communist party at one point, she is intimate with activism. But her activist impulse has usually found expression in the art world, where she has tirelessly championed the new. Tonight, she continued on that course—bringing in a group of mural artists to decorate the venue—while, at the same time, making a feminist statement that, in the light of the contemporary denigration of the very notion, came across as radical. “I want to inspire women to struggle,” she said, after a show that will be hard to beat as the season’s high point.” “Her models were girl gangs (coded by hair color and graffitied eyelids); the street/sport element of the collection also had a gang element. And the murals against which the show took place—multi-visions of womanhood—echoed the political street art of L.A., Mexico, and South America.” – by Tim Blanks (read more at


We, at Mimi Berlin find this to be a far-fetched story. It feels like it has been made up afterwards for marketing purposes or something like that. Semi-political views ventilated through a fashion show, even if it’s a rather marvelous fashion show, we don’t buy that. Ms Prada can do more for women by simply donating cash or other funds to something anti-Berlusconi or so.  (and in our dreams she does so because she is Miuccia Prada and we <3 her work) The Truth, as told by Tim Blanks, shattered our vision. Call us superficial, but we found the thoughts that came into our minds much more exiting! In a nutshell: comic-book-love-stories-egotistic-women-adored-by-artists-not-wanting-to-grow-up-and-thus-wearing-My-Little-Pony-fur-coats-and-lingerie-over-a-dress-……an so on and on. But, as always, that’s only our opinion and not The Truth so we won’t elaborate on that too much. If you are sad that we don’t, you can always send us an email and we will tell you more. Maybe we’ll even provide a trend forecast in which we can combine all the runway shows for you, but only if you really want that…xoxo Mimi

(image credits: 1-Melbourne Artist and part of the Everfresh collective RONE has painted the largest wall he has ever attempted, three massive images on the top three stories of a five-story building at Nollendorfplatz in Berlin. It took Rone five days to paint this excellent work.(Words & Photos: Henrik Haven via fecalface) 2- Mural by RONE. 3- Murals at the Prada show S/S 2014: “And the murals against which the show took place—multi-visions of womanhood—echoed the political street art of L.A., Mexico, and South America. Images from those murals were picked up for use on the clothes and accessories. ” (read more at>(images via and via 4- Prada runway photography via 5-Prada street photography by Tommy Ton (via 6-Prada campaign photography by Steven Meisel (via fashiongonerogue)

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