Inflatable Chair

Inflatable furniture is nice, especially when it’s vintage design. But those chairs don’t come with a modern pump….. Here’s how to look good while blowing up your inflatable furniture with your own breath……03-inflatablechair
Blow, Inflatable Armchair. 1967, PVC plastic, Manufactured by Zanotta S.p.A., Italy, designed by Paolo Lomazzi (Italian, born 1936), Donato D’Urbino (Italian, born 1935), and Jonathan De Pas (Italian, 1932-1991),  (The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Gift of the manufacturer. (via arttattle)
Photo by Steven Meisel. Fashion Editor Karl Templer, Make-up by Pat McGrath. Vogue Italia October 2012 (via inspirationgallery)

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