It’s a Bullet

Is it a pen? Is it a brooch? No it’s a bullet!!!
How disgustingly beautiful are the Inside of these Bullets? How wonderfully engineered. It’s obvious that the person who designed these bullets has a great love for craftsmanship, design and technique. It seems like this person, or probably team, didn’t have death on their minds while creating ammunition to kill kill kill. This very contradictory series, called AMMO, is made by Sabine Pearlman she photographed 900 specimens inside a WWII bunker in Switzerland in October of 2012. AMMO made us think about us, homo sapiens, and how evolution can set itself back each time something new is introduced.

Sabine Pearlman won the Lens Culture new & emerging photographer award 2013 with AMMO. (via appdikted)

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