Introducing Beja von Bis With NEON Art

Introducing Beja von Bis With NEON Art: It occurred to us that Beja von Bis has never been properly introduced on Mimi’s Blog. And that’s a darned, doggone shame on Mimi Berlin’s part!

You must know that Ms von Bis has been blogging for over one year, every single Monday, at Mimi Berlin’s Blog. Mimi Berlin is going to make up for this mishap today, by finally telling YOU (YOUYOU & YOU) more about Beja von Bis. If you have been following us you will know by now that Beja is the type for ROMANCE and she loves having brisk walks through the Park. She also loves all THINGS Vintage (therefore she is also known as The Vintage Snatcher.) Nowadays Beja von Bis has a thing for NEON, we don’t know why but we like it…. Of course there is so much more to know about Beja von Bis, you can find that out for yourself by viewing her previous blog posts on Mimi Berlin’s Blog.

All images were taken from Ms Beja von Bis’ Private Facebook Page (Sorry Beja). Image Credits:  about Jung Lee on oneandj gallery / / / about Joseph Kosuth on Wikipedia

View All of Beja von Bis’ blog posts on Mimi Berlin’s Blog including her work and the work of Beja von Bis in collaboration with a-MB-iance HERE

Dear Beja, Neon letters, the complete alphabet, are produced by Seletti and are for sale at The Frozen Fountain in Amsterdam

Let's make some conversation! xoxo Mimi Berlin

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