Kaleidoscopic Effect through the OP Vase Collection

Kaleidoscopic Effect through the OP Vase Collection

The OP-Vase collection is a series of vases designed by Studio Bilge Nur Saltik in 2015, they are hand-crafted in collaboration with Turkish artisans in Istanbul. The glass pieces come in two colors (blue and green) and in three sizes, each with  a unique pattern of cuts and extremely precise corners.

 Home Decor

“A signature quality of each glass vase is the illusion created by its complex pattern of cuts. A kaleidoscopic effect is created within each thick glass form, so that when viewed from different angles, a single flower placed within it, dissolves into an entire bouquet!” (read more bilgenursaltik.com)

We feel that adding OP to your home-deco collection is an investment worth making, certainly if in you live in a country where flowers are expensive.

Studio Bilge Nur Saltik

“Turkish-born Nur’s practice, Studio Bilge Nur Saltik was established in 2013, shortly after receiving her master’s degree in Product Design from the Royal College of Art in London. At Studio Bilge Nur Saltik today, each product emerges from a powerful narrative and is fuelled by an interest in human behavior and human interaction with objects. From integrating cutting-edge consumer electronics with familiar household objects, blurring boundaries; to bringing the age-old thrill of optical illusion into sophisticated design products–Nur seeks to engage and invigorate viewers and users of constantly. With products and projects spanning across multiple design disciplines and mediums, Studio Bilge Nur Saltik molds timeless materials such glass, ceramic, stone, wood, and fabric into a new life. Nur is also co-founder of London based international design collective Form&Seek.” (read more bilgenursaltik.com)

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