“Lego wall, How cool is this? It is the wall behind the counter at the Lego Store in Downtown Disney.”(via gadgetgirl)
“Repairing the Waag in Amsterdam with LEGO during a workshop with Jan Vormann, photography Johannes Abeling” (via Platform 21)
Lego wall (via swissmiss)
“Can you guess the theme of Band of Outsiders’ new shop-in-shop at Opening Ceremony in Los Angeles? We’ll give you a hint: colorful construction toys…” (via Hint Fashion Magazine)
“Professor Tina Haase of the Technical University of Munich’s Faculty of Architecture has recently completed a project designing a kindergarten in the Garching area of Munich with a 26m long wall built of 250,000 Lego bricks.”(via Xymara)
There are also a couple of “generation Lego” people who get inspired by The Plastic Cubes as an inspiration. And it gets ugly
“Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Rota Nodari for Luxit, an energy-saving LED fixture with an innovative, modular shape that resembles an iconic LEGO block, and is available in 10 varieties – from floor lamps, wall and ceiling installations to clamp-on desk lighting.”(via mocoloco)

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