Les Canaux de la Mode 2011

Workmanship Galore! Yesterday we attended the fashion-vernissage of Les Canaux de la Mode 2011, in Museum van Loon, Amsterdam. “Les Canaux de la Mode is an international platform of network and co-creation, which connects conceptual Dutch fashion designers and French couture craftsmen on both creative and business levels.”
Old suitcases were the concept for And Beyond’s styling for the exhibithion.
Photography by Wendelien Daan.
‘Cape’ by Marlous Blaas and Severina Lartigue, a delicacy!
Fragile ‘Paper outfit’ by Marlous Blaas and Nicole Emilie Roca.
“Three Dutch fashion designers teamed up with four French couture craftsmen during the past year to create undivided fashion garments as well as accessories. The selected designers are: Marga Weimans, Marloes Blaas and Melanie Rozema. The French couture craftsmen are: Jean-Pierre Baquère (glass), Severina Lartigue (silk flowers), Nicole Emilie Roca (paper) and Laetitia Schlumberger (corsets)”
‘Water dress’ by Melanie Rozema and Laetitia Schlumberger. We didn’t dare to touch the dress, let alone take it from the suitcase. An awkward way to present a dress, in our opinion.
Photography by Wendelien Daan.
Taken from the information paper (on newspaper paper))
Marga Weimans and Jonathan Augustijn in front of her “gesammt-sculptural-dress”. All four french craftspeople worked together with her on this dress.
You really have to see these clothes in real life, there are so many details to be found…Our pictures aren’t enough. Speaking of pictures, Wendelien Daan’s photo’s were a bit tucked away unfortunately. She made the series of five as her free-work, we think she got to little a credit for that. But her photo’s really spice up the information leaflet/paper (see above) au contraire to the little ‘one hour print’ placed in the suitcase of the ‘water dress’. Sorry, had to get this of our (flat) chests. Nonetheless, do go and visit, running from 18/11 to 28/11, remember, 17th century Museum van Loon is the bonus. This exhibition was previously held in Les Ateliers de Paris, Paris.

Let's make some conversation! xoxo Mimi Berlin

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