Louis Vuitton Show Fall 2011/2012

I’ve just seen the runway pictures from the Louis Vuitton show on style.com. Call me a hippie or tell me I’m just PMSsy…………. But they made me sad, makes me think of Worldwar II a bit too much. I did my very best to turn my vision around, in search of a more friendly and comforting theme. But no, the models are meant to look too vulnerable or too strong, too submissive or too masochistic. ‘The Nightporter‘, the movie from 1974, is clearly the inspiration source for this show. This fashionshow is a disturbing parade (on music, from W.Glück, taken from the movie.) of women who clearly hide themselves from god knows what, a far too cynical a vision for my taste. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is a great show. CrazyMad when a designer gives you these thoughts while looking at clothes! Marc Jacobs is telling a true story, and he gets a lot of help from the ‘The Nightporter’ doing that. Good choice because of the movie’s intensity. Horrible choice because of the movie’s true meaning. I don’t know exactly what the thoughts behind having this inspiration source are. But I sure hope that it’s more than just a fascination for SM role playing. Otherwise it’s really, REALLY as shallow as f*ck! (I can’t, or will not believe that) To end this story in a positive way: Having Kate Moss as last to show, while smoking a cigarette is funny.
I’ll post some pictures below and maybe you will see the ‘Worldwar II inspiration’ as well (Let me know?).  I rearranged the order of appearance (only the first two) to put the story in it’s right time frame. It starts, in my opinion here; two relatively normal women, only little yellow stars are missing, oops, I won’t say anything more and leave you with your own imagination……

Oh, here’s something you might or might not know: Louis Vuitton had business affairs with The Germans during Worldwar II.

*All photo’s from style.com

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