LOVE Purse The number one bag by Mimi Berlin

LOVE Purse the number one bag by Mimi Berlin

This is the first purse designed by us at Mimi Berlin, it’s handmade in a series of 3 pieces only.
Yes boys and girls, this is a very limited edition indeed! If you really like what you see you need to be quick with your order. But before you make any decisions: let us properly introduce the love purse. Our lovely, sleek and simple, made in hard-plastic bag with a glittery inlay; LOVE in silver and gold.

LOVE You can’t get enough of that!

Besides the glitter and shine the Number One purse has a sturdy chain in gold metal with white plastic details.*LOVE * You can’t get enough of that!
This purse has a large mirror inside and it will surely fit a large mobile phone, cash, lipstick, cigarettes and Smints; Every essential thing you need to bring for a night out at the Discotheque, in our opinion that is.

Love Purse description

The love purse closes with a magnetic kiss-lock and it has a large mirror inside. The size of the love purse is 18 x 10 x 4 cm. The shoulderstrap is made in a so-called anchor chain in goldtone metal with off-white hard plastic details, it’s lenght is 60 cm. Just long enough to fit over your shoulder, and short enough to hold the bag in your hand or to lay it on a table without being in the way. Other hardware is in goldtone. No logo’s visible on the outside.

How to order

And last, but not least; how to order and more extra practical information: the price of this bag is €215,- that includes shipping within The Netherlands. Please leave a message below or DM us via instagram @mimiberlin_amsterdam so we can contact you for more information and communication in general, if that makes sense. Oh and don’t forget to watch the short clip below, it may come in handy!

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Let's make some conversation! xoxo Mimi Berlin

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