Maison the Faux at Amsterdam Fashion Week

Maison the Faux at Amsterdam Fashion Week. Maison the Faux is a fairly new label which showed for the second time at Amsterdam Fashion Week, they presented their newest collection “Make a U-turn if possible” for Spring 2015 at the Transformatorhuis, the smallest catwalk at Amsterdam Fashion Week. It’s hard to describe this show, we won’t even try. Luckily we made a short movie so you can see and hear for yourself. Important part of this show were the musical performers; Steal Me, three ladies with great voices and the same amount of hysterical power as the collection and the setting of the show at the Transformatorhuis.

Designers Joris Suk and Hans Hutting presented a romantic collection with a nineties-hippie-rave vibe to it (to put it in a nutshell). Lingerie-inspired shapes and fabrics with romantic touches, such as for example chrochet and ostrich leather (in violet) passed us by. Combined with more down-to-earth prints (made with fashion illustrations) and sturdy jeans which were soft, over-sized, bell bottomed, bleached, torn and ripped to complete the total look. (We saw these jeans at their first show last season; maybe they are a Maison the Faux “Basic”?), With all garments being detailed to the bone there was a lot to see! Maison the Faux has many ideas and we love the fact that they want to share them with us in just one show (styled by Ruud van der Peijl). But, more importantly, they managed well to mould all these ideas into one collection. In our opinion they showed the full package, including ravishing jewelry and bags.

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