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The last show at the second day of the Amsterdam Fashion week was held by Marga Weimans. She named this collection Aerial, and surprised us with a triptych:
First: A preview before the show; the models were positioned as statues, we, the audience could walk through and look up close listening to a humming sound. It was a very beautiful and quiet setting, almost intimate. People weren’t talking out loud, like in a museum.

Secondly there was the show; models “simply” walking up and down the runway, just that, accompanied by piano music by Schubert and a backdrop of a room in the form of a collage.

The third surprise was when we got outside. There were the models again, slowly combing their hair or just posing (less statue-esque than they did at the show-preview) we heard the sound of rain, it felt like being in the tropics.

Marga Weimans  après-show outside

Marga Weimans après-show outside

We thought the designs were beautiful, monumental but wearable (if you dare to). So were the allover prints, digitally printed photo prints on what looked like silk, designed in collaboration with Aura Luz Melis, Barend and Jeroen Koolhaas. About the prints in a nutshell; buildings and city views abstracted into to digitally (photo) panel prints, together with a Vlisco-type allover print showing designer chairs, all in an “autumnleaf” color scheme mixed with bright, primary yellow shading towards red, blue, black and white.

There was a retro feel to this, modern, collection/show/event, The black and white segment and the type of woman Weimans created reminded us of our all-time favorite comic The Spirit by Will Eisner.Also the hats, hair and make-up added a late fourties/early fifties vibe. A very nice project, if you get the chance to see this collection in the flesh, grab it! Just one more mention to make: Shoes by United Nude, another Koolhaas product, by Rem.D, nephew of the architect Rem and Galahad Clark (Yes, Clark-s)

Please note: we didn’t read the press release, the above are strictly our thoughts on the show, they could well be different from what Marga Weimans intended…..MB.

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