Yesterday we attended the opening night of the Amsterdam Fashion Week. We went to see the Wet ‘n Wild-show of MaryMe-JimmyPaul, “a designer duo that pushes the boundaries between art and fashion.” so says Carlo Wijnands, director of the Amsterdam Fashion Week.mimi_berlin_AFW_1-25

The designers made great effort to realize an overpowering show concept. Together with Pinar and Viola and sponsor Vodaphone they created an app with which the audience could vote by choosing love or hate while the outfits passed by. The results could be seen on the digital backdrop, at the end we got to see the winner and the loser. The losing outfit was our favorite by the way. (got’s to be honest about that)

For professional catwalk photo’s of this show best go to Team Peter Stgter

The clothes were very colorful, all printed or made of feathers. MaryMe-JimmyPaul showed us their dreamworld: sweet, sugar, fluffy, soft, feathery, little, pony, and sassy were words that came to mind when the first model strutted her stuff. She wore (or was) an enormous ice cream, the skirt was made with marabou feathers turned into scoops, Fun!
The word sex came to mind while watching the lilac-pigtailed-with-bangs-model wearing over-the-knee-boots, designed by Merryl Tielman, with white-leather-booty-reveiling-hot-pants and a fluffy-white-marabou-jacket……(VAVOOM!) Okay, enough with describing things you just need to see, enjoy!

See our party snaps made at the AFW Opening Night HERE

Let's make some conversation! xoxo Mimi Berlin

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