Dresses by Fong Leng

Ms Leng presenting a book about her during the Amsterdam Fashion week in 2010. photographer unkown (via http://www.rnw.nl)
In the Seventies

Fashion designer Fong Leng and Mathilde Willink Photo by Paul Huf. (via.listal)
Fong Leng in Fong Leng (via http://www.dejongehond.nl)

Carel Willink painting a portrait of his wife wearing a golden leather Fong Leng piece. in 1975, photo by Paul Huf (via beeldbank.amsterdam.nl) The painting Farewell Mathilde (Afscheid van Mathilde), by Carel Willink 1975 (via timerime)
Vintage Fong Leng

Actrice Leanne de Haan wearing Fong Leng photo by Wendelien Daan…(via wendeliendaan.tumblr.com)fong_ferry
Vintage dress by Fong Leng photo by Ferry vander Nat

Fabulous and very unique 1970s FONG LENG jumpsuit in purple/blue changeant fabric. For sale at Kabinet Store

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