MBFWA Exhibitions and Performances

MBFWA Exhibitions and Performances

Many, many exhibitions and performances were to be seen at the 24th edition of the fashion week held in Amsterdam (and we’re not including the “off-schedule” program)

1-Fashion exhibition: Dutch Heritage (more about that here on this blog). 2-Confidential: Jazz Kuipers. 3-Antoine Peters x Oscar Verpoort. 4-Barbara Langendijk x Jochem Esser x Lisette Ros. 5-“The Future Generation” platform: (second edition; during the full closing day, so no shows on monday) in which young designers can showcase their work in any form they want to express themselves in; performances, installations, video’s well, anything but a fashion show (maybe they can, but they didn’t) “The Future Generation” program is divided into parts; -“The “Brave New Monday Hotel” a mock hallway with rooms of circa 3×4 meters in the transformatorhuis, with rooms for Zyanya Keizer, Camiel Fortgens, Anneloes van Osselaer, Karin Vlug, Jasna Rokegem, Cry Havoc Foudation, Sophie Hardeman and Martijn Nekoui -Closeby but not in the “Brave New Monday Hotel” installations by the German duo Blond & Bieber (a Berlin-based design studio which develops concepts and processes at the border between textile and product design since 2013) and –Painted Series (aren’t they more “previous or this generation” than “future generation”?) were on exhibit, –Maison the Faux held a pefrormance in the Gashouder, the main and largest venue at the Dutch Fashion Week. –Talkshows were hosted by Aynouk Tan.

“MBFWA aims to connect, grow and celebrate the fashion industry. The existence of the event breaks the gap between buyers, brands, fashion professionals and designers, and tries to give the Dutch fashion industry an open, international stage.”

Experiences and Installations Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam is of course about fashion, but just as much about designing. On one part of the event location beautiful fashion designs will be shown on the catwalk, and on the other part we will give you fashion and designing experiences in installations. Some of the experiences are confidential but others need an on forehand explanation.  Every exposition/installation is accessible if you have a ticket for one of the catwalk shows on the same day as the experience, so check carefully which expositions you can access!” (read more fashionweek-nederland.instantmagazine.com)

“The closing day of Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam will be all about the future of fashion. Fifteen designers, thinkers, visionaries will give their vision on the phenomena called fashion and it’s not so sure future. They will take you on a journey through an outspoken selection of installations in the Brave Monday Hotel, talkshows, performances and groundbreaking innovative work of our international guests.” “Peter Leferink; Fashion has become a shallow framework; the emotion is gone, garments lost their identity. There is no difference between high and low; both couture and the mass market industry are -called- fashion. A business model which has eroded its own unique identity and lost its value. The catwalk is no longer a workspace for the creative, visionary designer, but a branding assembly line for the increase of profit only. Not only young designers, but also established “hot shots”, are fed up with this system of: waste, consumerism, push over pull, status first, and the eternal hunger for money. For the previous edition of Fashion Week, I was asked to give the Future Generation platform direction and fundament. It became a prelude to the ‘full blast’ edition that I have realized for januari 2016 edition, in close cooperation with FWN and its new Creative Director. To me, the need for change; how we relate to the planet and its global society, is the most urgent question of the moment. I am very happy that FWN recognizes this need and gives time and space to possible answers and new questions.” “The Brave Monday Hotel, a place where cultures and lifestyles blend and memories and the future become one. The hotel, a metafor of our fast changing world, is a journey into another world, a short stop, a thrilling night, a new day, a fantastic future. The Hotel Guests: Zyanya Keizer, Camiel Fortgens, Anneloes van Osselaer, Karin Vlug, Jasna Rokegem, Cry Havoc Foudation, Sophie Hardeman and Martijn Nekoui. -Painted will perform their Golden Joinery. Painted is a collective led by Saskia van Drimmelen and Margreet Sweerts. -Next to this Maison the Faux invites you to their performances in the Gashouder. Aynouk Tan will host talkshows with ao: Valentijn de Hingh.-International design and research duo Blond & Bieber, will show you the future of textile innovation.” (read more http://fashionweek-nederland.instantmagazine.com/programma-mbfwa/mbfwa-january-16fashionweeknl/#!/future-generation-18-january)

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