MBFWA Resolver by Jef Montes

MBFWA Resolver by Jef Montes

On day two (1/15/2016) of MercedezBenzFashionWeekAmsterdam Mimi Berlin Blogger Team went to see the presentation of the newest collection by, the talented young designer, Jef Montes named “Resolver”. Montes’ work, a dress from his previous collection “Velero”, can be seen allover Amsterdam Fashion Week, it features the MBFWA posters, banners etc. (see the making of this image here on this blog)

Okay, back to “Resolver“; On the catwalk; models dressed in moulages made in the same color and fabric, (Developed by Jef Montes himself at the TextielLab in Tilburg.) Each model was holding a balloon filled with water. If you’ve seen the previous show of Montes, you guessed right; these balloons bursted at some point and dissolved the front parts of the garments that came in contact with the water. Later on in the show, other parts of the moulages were dissolved as well by models splashing water over each other. The most interesting part of the show; the end-result of this water-fest, could be seen during the finale. (see pictures above by Team Peter Stigter)

According to the press release Jef Montes wants to make “A personal statement about the current state of the fast fashion industry with it’s empty hypes”.*

We, Mimi Berlin Blogger Team, got a different impression; In our opinion this show could easily be about personal development in design; in which Jef Montes tosses control, leaving more room for new interpretations and experiment within his personal aesthetics.

Imagine the designer had worked the “water magic” himself during the show. If  Montes splashed the water as meticuosly as he designed his “Velero” collection, he would have made the most sensible use of the wonderful fabric he created. Other than just showing how this material reacts to water at random (which Jef Montes also showed in july 2015 and Hussein Chalayan in October 2015) he would have been “designing” on stage; That’s the most interesting choice; embracing, developing and showcasing the dried up results as fashionably styled garments. It could be the next, radical and fresh, step in his design career……….Maybe it is, maybe not, anyway; You GO girl!! snap snap…

*After we wrote the story above we read the following by Jef Montes on facebook. We’d like to share this with you just because we can:
“Words can not explain enough how special I feel about my presentation last night! One week ago I finished collection Resolver in my studio and I was almost feeling scared to destroy the creations. When I saw the designs yesterday on the models I realized that the collection was not finished and I needed to complete it beyond my control. This experiment was exiting but nerve wrecking for me because I did not know what the end results would look like! The moment when I saw that magic came to life on the catwalk tears of joy came to my eyes! I could not have wished for anything more, everything was even better then I ever expected! I am so proud of my team and I want to thank everybody that are a part of collection Resolver. Fashion is dead? (Lidewij Edelkoort) What will remain? A fresh new start, the naked truth, purity, love – Resolver is an abstract reaction and personal reaction on the current speed of the fashion industry.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3Oyezt4N3M



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