Mimi Berlin Bijoux

Mimi Berlin Bijoux designs

Today twe have seven series of necklaces available. Mimi Berlin Bijoux are handmade with recycled materials in small quantities. Non Seasonal Always in Style!

Kitty Necklace

Half silver half plastic

Second Best Necklace

Faux pearls, Princess lenght.

€75,- per neckllace (when ordered directly at Mimi Berlin)

Close-Up Portraits

A collection of 4 beaded necklaces. Made from semi precious stones such as, black onyx, red dyed coral, jade, agate and sweet and saltwater pearls, they have a golden lock.

The Close-Up Portraits are one of a kind pieces €675,- The Close-Up Set iis the odd one out at Mimi Berlin Bijoux because they aren’t made with recycled beads. They are also sold separate, and are made to order. €275,- per necklace. (when ordered directly at Mimi Berlin )


Walking Redheads.

A collection of  beaded necklaces. Made from off white and black plastic, brown metallic stone set in silver metal and faux pearls they have a gold filled chain and lock.

Measurements: Circumference: 43 cm. Available in (off) white and black. €65,- per necklace.

Recycled Redheads.

A collection of necklaces made from vintage, recycled materials such as plastic and faux pearls with gold colored metal chains and locks. These necklaces can be worn separate or as duo.

Circumference: 42 cm/ 47 cm. €25,- per necklace. €45,- per duo.But today they are no longer in stock