Mimi Berlin x Laser 3:14 Postcards

Mimi Berlin x Laser 3:14 Postcards

YES! Our Head Balancer will be printed in an edition of 100.000 postcards by Boomerang Cards who came up with an assignment to create a design inspired by a poem written by Laser 3.14. We, at Mimi Berlin thought our picture of the Head Balancer statuette would be a fun match to the “Bunny Suits” poem by Laser 3.14, so did the graffiti artist, he chose our image to be the winning one. The postcards will be distributed throughout The Netherlands and can be found in various bars, clubs, cinema’s and restaurants, for free. We suggest you get our card as soon as possible! What the heck, get yourself a dozen!

The Head Balancer is a statuette by Mimi Berlin, 2013. (1990s ceramic, 1930s etched pink celulloid) 7 x 10 cm. This statuette is part of the series “History of Circus Legends” which are assemblies made with carefully selected vintagedeluxe products from the 20th Century. They are unique pieces signed by Mimi Berlin.

About Laser 3.14

Laser 3.14′s passion for graffiti began as a kid in the early 80’s; greatly inspired by early Amsterdam writers like Ego, Dr Smurry, Dragon, Collodi, Tarantula. In ‘84 he attended graphic school in Amsterdam: It was here where he met the brother of Harakiri, an artist who he, and many others, considered an old-school graffiti king: He taught Laser the ins and outs of tagging and much of what he knows to this very day. Around the early 1990’s, he began sketching and producing comics, illustrating, and writing poetry. Experimenting in this manner led him to showcasing much of what was produced. Towards the end of the 90’s he ran into an artistic impasse and felt the need to re-ignite a creative spark he felt had been lost. As a result, he went back to his roots; graffiti writing. It was at this point he began to utilize the city as his canvas, and turned his poetry into street art. (See more at: laser314)

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