Mimi Berlin’s Fashion Fest: The Party Celebration 2017

Mimi Berlin’s Fashion Fest: The Party Celebration 2017

We, at Mimi Berlin visit parties all the time. This time we wanted to give back, so we threw a party for yous all! Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest: The Party Celebration at Sexyland in Amsterdam. Celebrating the 5 year anniversary of Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest: an ongoing project for which we create self-group portraits a couple of times per year. We had Music, we had Drinks, Snacks, Sauerkraüt, also we had; Partyhats, Goodie Bags, Photographers ànd we planned 2 Group-Photo moments: before and after the party. We, at Mimi Berlin, had SO much fun! Thanks to all our friends and family, DJ Frankie D and everyone at Sexyland We Love You!


For the occasion we premiered 2 life-size prints: Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest #7; Bed Peace Choose Life (@Tetterode, January 2017) and Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest #6; Dutch Cheerleading Squad (Cheering for Ourselves, November 2016). We also showed the ‘behind-the-scenes’ images which we made all these years at our MB Fashion-Fest days and had never shown before en plein public.

Of course we took party-snaps at our own party: ‘Cause we know you like that! ‘This is How We Do It’

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