MimiMall Department Store

MimiMall is the department store at Mimi Berlin. In our department store you can find everything we love. Unique, as in one of a kind, work by Mimi Berlin and friends, limited editions of, for example jewelry and even Mimi Berlin merch; sweatshirts, mugs, postcards and such.

Mimi Berlin creates jewelry, statuettes and other objects (assemblies, readymades or whatever one feels the need to label these objects) out of found, vintagedeluxe and/or antique products, all final objects are unique and signed pieces.

All sculptures are hand made with found vintage-de-luxe products. Some are accompanied by a story. They are all unique and signed pieces.

Mimi Berlin Bijoux
We have some jewelry in stock you can find them at the MimiMall. Also, some of our bijoux are made to order.

Physical Store

At the moment you can find our products at 2 stores.
Magasin Horaz in The Hague and at Sammelwut in Nijmegen.

Mimi Berlin makes movies: artistic, informative and other kinds. 
Topics include design, fashion, art and all other things nice in life.

You can browse all Mimi- Movies on Mimi Berlin’s YouTube Channel