Mind Puzzle Games

Mind Puzzle Games

Cute and intricate: what more do you need?

Babylon Tower, 1982 by Endre Pap (http://mypuzzlecollection.blogspot.nl/2010/06/babylon-tower-random-pick-5.html) Flower Puzzle  (http://mypuzzlecollection.blogspot.nl/2015/02/flower.html) The Wisdom Ball (a.k.a. Mind Twister) (http://mypuzzlecollection.blogspot.nl/2010/05/wisdom-ball.html) Smiley Lock Puzzle by Jean Claude Constantin (http://mypuzzlecollection.blogspot.nl/2012/09/smiley-lock-puzzle.html) Gerdig Ufo, 1991 by Gerhard Huncage (http://www.babyrecenzie.sk/recenzie/produkt/30318/) Hungarian Rings, 1982 by Endre Pap (http://www.maskecubos.com/en/brain-teasers/167-hungarian-rings-3d-puzzle.html)

Our Friend Petronella is a collector of these kinds of mindgames, thanks for the inspiration Petronella! xoxo Mimi

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