Mrs Jack x Agent Mimi x Mimi Berlin

Mrs Jack x Mimi Berlin x Agent Mimi

Many moons ago we created a collection of eggcups: ‘Eierbecher/Eggcups Prototypes’
This project was the start of what would evolve into us, at Mimi Berlin, seriously creating all kinds of unique objects and stattuettes with stories attached to them. (see those at Anyways, back to the topic of this blogpost.Mrs Jack, a small company which offers sustainable, ready-set trays and tablescapes, has used one of these ‘Eierbecher/Egggcups Prototypes’ for a  breakfast in bed tray-scape. Its the ‘Qualy’ eggcup from the ‘White’ series, set next to a marvelous coffeepot designed by Lutz Rabold, what an honour!

Mrs Jack x Agent Mimi x Mimi Berlin

‘Morning Glory with Mrs Jack/ Give’

The photograph was taken by JW Kaldenbach, postproduction and graphics by Appdikted: both reachable via Agent Mimi. Styling and concept by Mrs Jack with many thanks to designer Annewil Ravensbergen

The graphic-house-style and brand design for Mrs Jack was taken care of by Appdikted as well. We suggest you check out her webshop; she takes her fun serious!

Mrs Jack x Agent Mimi x Mimi Berlin‘Morning Glory with Mrs Jack/ Get’

“Time is one of the most precious things in life; having lot’s of it is a luxury. Another luxurious thing in life, for visual minds, is being surrounded by beautiful stuff: objects, clothes, furniture or, in this case; serveware.

Mrs Jack came up with the idea to offer instant interior styling in the shape of ready-set tablescapes and trays: a true luxury for design lovers with little (shopping) time to spend. Choose your favorite setting from Mrs Jack’s webshop; add food, drinks or flowers and…. Presto! You will have the most stylish meal ever! Mrs Jack uses antique, vintage and reclaimed modern day design items, she is specialized in ready set breakfast-in-bed-trays, the perfect sustainable gift!

‘Morning Glory with Mrs Jack’ is created in collaboration with photographer JW Kaldenbach and fashion/textile designer Annewil Ravensbergen. We tried to envision what sustainable luxury means to us; First of all it is breakfast in bed: both having ànd gifting it. Starting the day in a peaceful manner with the added bonus of being surrounded by beautiful, sustainable design. Same goes for the fashion in the images; we only used locally produced, (demi) couture garments. And as for the hair: we didn’t use spray!

Credits: Photography JW Kaldenbach. Styling; Mrs Jack. Post-production; Appdikted @mimiberlin_amsterdam. Thanks to Annewil Ravensbergen.”

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