NET Z33 by Numen/For Use

This spiderman-meets-trampoline oversized hammock looks like some good clean fun to us. Everybody just bouncing around or relaxing up in the air…. It’s kind to the eye as well, we love the 3-D Op-Art feel, also these nets remind us of gigantic macramé artworks. We really would like it in our offices, wouldn’t you? This work is simply called: NET Z33 and is designed by the design collaborative Numen/For Use.1332211361-net-z33-img-3170g-666x1000
tumblr_mmjqrsRVHX1qch0soo2_1280 1332211352-net-z33-img-3117g-1000x666NET Z33 was installed in the House for Contemporary Art: Z33 in Hasselt, Belgium in 2011 (Photo’s Courtesy of Numen/For Use  (via archdaily)

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