New approach in fashion; interaction & sharing

An interesting new focus in fashion; SHARING

3 brands who felt the need to share, each in their own way;


The Missoni family have chosen their most dear and fashionable friends for inspiration and to inspire. They also star in the latest S11 campaign. ‘Friends of Missoni‘ emphasizes the intention of interacting. It’s displaying family values, and the enjoyment of each others company across all kinds of generations Based on different styles, it involves photography, collage and video, turning fashion into an unexpected portrait gallery. Everybody is sharing with everybody. Peace………photo’s by Jeurgen Teller
Building a business with the future customer base is the, for fashion brands, unique plan of Mark Vorstenbosch and Twan Janssen. Everybody can be a member of the family of founders by contributing €500,- (crowdfunding). Another fine example of this collective effort was last week’s presentation of their first collection (W11/12). All ‘models’ were friends or part of the founders family. Come to think of it, they were guests,  dressed in youasme-measyou. This way of presenting created a warm feeling of ‘togetherness’ despite everybody using their smartphones. They state their case by letting us use all kinds of apps. We are all invited to be active on their Global Diary (yes, you can join too!)  Perhaps needless to say, social media is also an important part of their concept.

Burberry Prorsum;
 The runway show (w11/12) was live streamed across the internet.  This is done by many more brands nowadays, but, it’s still sharing! Very special; After the show every coat is made available to the public to buy on until January 23. “Personalizing technology” is Bailey’s game plan. “It makes the whole world smaller, more intimate,” he said after the show. Sure, it’s a spur to sales, but it goes beyond that; Bailey’s acknowledgement of the universality of what he’s doing is as timely as the inescapability of the climactic conditions that inspired his latest work.(via) Also, in 2008 the Burberry started their foundation. A philantropic organisation which helps young fashion people with their dreams. That, I call sharing……

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