Nudie Cohn, rodeotailor

The boots, the shine and glamour…kaboom! Still, when I see his designs I really get exited. Although his style, or western boots for that matter, are not “en vogue” as we speak. I certainly would walk around in them, I surely would, every day, every hour! elvis presley and nudie cohnnudie cohn boots
The famous gold lamé suit was made by Nudie Cohn in 1957. Photo ©Getty Images (via elvisblog) Boots by Nudie Cohn. His sartorial trademark was mismatched boots, which he wore, he said, to remember his humble beginnings in the 1930s when he could not afford a matching pair of shoes. (via reynoldstill)nudie_cohn_gram_parsons
Nudie and Gram Parsons both wearing a Nudie suit. Photographer unknown (via theselvedgeyard)nudie cohn yellow suit
Photo by Mike Salisbury (via theselvedgeyard)
nudie cohn cadillacNudie Cohn standing on one of his customized cadillacs.1970′s, Los Angeles, CA––Image by © Jeff Albertson (viarebuilttrannyrecords)tumblr_kv2fv7wR1p1qaay9eo1_500
Nudie, “Aunt Susie”, Tex Williams and the Hager Twins ( via nudiesuits)

Nudie Cohen passed away in 1984, his famous, beautiful shop closed in 1995.
Yours truly once visited this shop in West-Hollywood in the seventies of the previous century,  I could have spend an entire day there.
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