Just by looking at this photo we get an eerie feeling. Why? You ask of us. Well the pink garments you see are women’s lingerie owned and collected by a man. Nothing weird about that, you say. True. But Mr Boeije collected about 1000 (!) kilo’s of women’s undergarments for over 30 years, and that’s on show in dark cellars. Fetish galore!!
993760_555445334506358_866804892_nAfter Mr Boeije passed away Mrs Boeije granted designers Spike Spijker en Mies Splinter permission to do something with this unique, vintage, collection. They decided to transform the historic cellars of Arnhem into wunderkammers, filled with lingerie. They turned the labyrinth-like underground rooms into a “metaphor of the fetishist mind”, as they say themselves. We really hope Mrs Boeije agrees with this concept…..
fDSC00102_B-785x521(photo’s courtesy of Spijker en Splinter)

Obsession can be visited up to the first of August 2013
Historische Kelders, Arnhem
Oude Oeverstraat 4A
Tue/Sun  12.00 – 17.00

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