Opening: Peking Express Exhibition

Yesterday we attended the opening of Peking Express, held at the Temple of Confucius. Peking Express is a fashion project in which Chinese fashion students work under the guidance of Alexander van Slobbe. They all created one red dress, or rather a ball gown. We have never been to such an official opening, long speeches, security, red carpets, and what have you not. We were stunned! We couldn’t understand the words from the director of the Confucius Temple because he spoke in Chinese. The Mayor of Amsterdam Mr. van der Laan had a translator, at the end of his speech he thanked Confucius, a Chinese girl really had to laugh hard about that…… The “important” people sat in a row behind the microphone, acting natural but we could see the Dutch were very uncomfortable. We must say they looked like royals and we, the audience were the obedient citizens, that kind of setting. The exhibition was beautifully set, the dresses were placed in a room or corridor and separated with stones. Anyways, please take a look at the photo’s and see for yourself.

See some party pictures HERE

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