Out of Africa

For the youngsters amongst us: It started in 1985 when Sydney Pollack decided to adapt Karen Blixen‘s book; Out of Africa, her account of living in Kenya, for a movie with the same name. Soon every fashion season had to have this colonial, out-of-africa theme.
The use of this old-trend with a beard has been going on for decades and still is going strong! We really do find this unbelievable! Is this what fashion is about, and are we just loosing it? Ha! don’t think so. We found some, recent, editorials for you on the net.

Vogue US June 2007, photo’s by Arthur Elgort Stylist; Grace Coddington(via)

From Peter Alexander’s catalogue autumn/winter 2008 (via)

Jackie magazine, April, 2011/Photographer: Petrovsky & Ramone/ Styling: Renu Kashyap

Vogue Australia, December 2011/Photographer: Max Doyle/Styling: Naomi Smith

Men’s Magazine, Australia, Winter 2011 (via)

Harpers Bazaar, Australia, March 2012. Photographer: WILL DAVIDSON/Styling: JILLIAN DAVIDSON (via)On the right Robert Redford washing Meryl Streep’s hair in the movie.

Vogue India, April 2012, Photo by Tejal Panti/Stylist: Anaita Shroff Adajania. (via)

Back in the days ‘out-of-africa’ was a I-have-no-inspiration-theme. I guess that hasn’t change much.

We know Africa is in Trend today (april 2012) but in quite a different way than this!! But that’s only our opinion. >Check that out!

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